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Dental Cleanings in Glen Mills, PA

At Star Care Dental, our passion is helping all our patients enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. To do this, we focus on prevention in the forms of good oral hygiene and professional exams and dental cleanings. The health of your body can be viewed through the window of your mouth. When you take good care of your teeth and gums, you are taking care of your overall wellbeing. This is why encourage all our Glen Mills, PA patients to schedule twice yearly visits to the office for exams and dental cleanings.

The importance of exams and dental cleanings

We understand that today’s family is busier than ever and as a result, preventative dental appointments often fall to the bottom of the priority list. While it can be easy to put off scheduling these exams, they are vital to your overall wellness. Not to mention, routine exams and dental cleanings are short, inexpensive visits that can save you from the time and costs associated with restorations down the road.

When you come to Star Care Dental, you can expect the following from your exam and cleaning:

  • A full medical history that allows us to understand more about your oral health, including any medications you are taking and any medical conditions for which you are undergoing treatment.
  • A visual exam at all the oral structures including the teeth, gums, jaw and neck.
  • X-rays may be taken, as necessary.
  • A professional cleaning is performed to remove tartar from the teeth and gums. They are then polished to a beautiful sheen. T
  • The dentist will then go over any problems that were discovered and discuss next steps.

These routine hygiene visits are a pertinent part of your oral care routine and will help you tremendously in the prevention or early detection of decay and disease.

Other types of cleanings

In addition to routine cleanings, we also offer other types of dental cleanings at Star Care dental.

  • Periodontal cleaning – Periodontal cleanings are performed on patients who have gum disease. These deep cleanings help remove tartar and bacteria that has traveled below the gumline.
  • Teeth whitening – For patients who are looking for teeth stain remover, we can provide professional cleanings followed by teeth whitening treatment to eliminate dark discoloration.

Call us to schedule your exam and dental cleaning

Whether you have regularly visited the dentist, or have not been in years, Star Care Dental is here to help you with your oral health care needs. If you live in the areas of Glen Mills, Aston, Chester, or Chadds Ford, please call our office today at (610) 569-0509 to book an appointment.

Dr. Hema Nair, Starcare Dental

Dr. Nair is dedicated to providing her patients with the finest possible care. She earned her dental degree from Temple University School of Dentistry and her general practice residency at St. Joseph Hospital.

She continues to take over 200 hours of continuing education courses annually to offer the best treatment to her patients. According to Mainline magazine, Dr. Nair has continuously been selected as a Top Dentist in her region by her colleagues.

Dr. Nair ensures that her patients' trust is always in the best of hands, regardless of their concerns.