Protect your teeth with inlays and onlays in Glen Mills, PA

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Protect your teeth with inlays and onlays in Glen Mills, PA

Tooth decay affects over 90% of Americans at some point in their life, and without prompt treatment, cavities can weaken your teeth, leading to fractures and infections. If they are caught quickly, they can be treated with fillings, but advanced decay requires a stronger restoration. Star Care Dental offers inlays and onlays for patients in Glen Mills, PA, and surrounding areas such as Chester and Chadds Ford.

Advantages of Inlays and Onlays 

Traditional crowns require a significant amount of your tooth to be removed and reshaped. Partial crowns, like ceramic inlays and onlays, offer a more conservative treatment to protect damaged teeth. They are generally used to treat cavities too large to support dental bonding, and they typically last a lot longer than fillings. They can also protect teeth worn down from bruxism or hide staining and chips to improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

Inlays are placed over the pits in your teeth’ chewing surface, while onlays will cover the front or back of your tooth. Porcelain inlays and onlays can provide a durable restoration that blends in perfectly with your natural teeth. These restorations are bonded in place with dental cement and can last for 20-30 years with proper care. 

Preparing your teeth

During your consultation, Dr. Nair will evaluate your teeth and help you determine the best treatment option for your teeth. If the decay or damage is severe, she may recommend a dental crown instead. For inlays and onlays, she will start by removing tooth decay first.

Next, Dr. Nair will scrape off enamel to make space for the inlay or onlay and reshape your tooth for a good fit. She will take an impression of your teeth to send to the dental lab by having you bite into a thick gel that will harden after a few moments. Next, she’ll place a temporary inlay or onlay on your tooth to protect it for the next couple of weeks. 

When you return to the office, she will remove your temporary and place your permanent restoration. Once it’s in place, you can resume normal eating within a day. You’ll need to maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular checkups to prevent further issues. If you have bruxism, she can craft a custom-fitted nightguard to prevent further damage to your teeth. To learn more about dental inlays and onlays, reach out to our office in Glen Falls, PA, at (610) 569-0509 to schedule a consultation.  

Dr. Hema Nair, Starcare Dental

Dr. Nair is dedicated to providing her patients with the finest possible care. She earned her dental degree from Temple University School of Dentistry and her general practice residency at St. Joseph Hospital.

She continues to take over 200 hours of continuing education courses annually to offer the best treatment to her patients. According to Mainline magazine, Dr. Nair has continuously been selected as a Top Dentist in her region by her colleagues.

Dr. Nair ensures that her patients' trust is always in the best of hands, regardless of their concerns.